Midlands and Wales Advanced Therapy Treatment Centre

The Midlands and Wales Advanced Therapy Treatment Centre (MW-ATTC) consists of a large regional network with the necessary commercial and NHS infrastructure required to facilitate the delivery of advanced therapy treatments to patients. The centre includes a wide range of specialists in advanced therapy manufacturing including academic and commercial partners, logistics companies, specialists in clinical trial delivery and teams focussed on IT solutions and health economics.

Key Objectives

Our 8 work packages provide detail on activities to be completed. These are described briefly below:

Programme Management

This work package covers the management of the programme as well as the coordination of public and patient engagement to ascertain their perspective on the value and benefits of ATMP therapies.

Clinical Delivery

We are looking to create patient and product process maps that capture all the steps involved, from initial referral through to follow-up. This will include identifying estates, technical, clinical, operational, governance and educational resources in order to develop and establish both current and future ‘standard’ specifications for the routine delivery of ATMP therapies.

Logistics I & II

Our logistics partners are looking to create turnkey solutions for companies wishing to treat patients with an ATMP product at clinical sites so that material handling, traceability, logistics and control parameters for different types of ATMPs can be managed and documented electronically. This includes the provision of an end-to-end cryochain solution using hardware systems that ensures cell viability and preservation of ATMP products.


This includes production of a comprehensive process development template that captures all the steps in ATMP production thus allowing evaluation of manufacturing requirements. This will also provide an evaluation of logistics technologies requirements in ATMP manufacturers’ protocols.

Trials Acceleration Programme

We are planning on establishing a model framework for the Therapy Acceleration Programme for Cellular Therapies that will be responsible for the dissemination, across the four clinical sites, of the MW-ATTC trials. This will be a resourced and incentivised clinical research network with the ability to increase the speed of delivery of commercial and academically sponsored clinical trials in cellular therapy.

Economic Evaluation

This will evaluate and establish baseline requirements to inform the development of tools / models to aid the assessment and commissioning decisions for the future use of ATMP therapies.


This work stream will involve creating systems to facilitate ATMP ordering and scheduling as well as the collection of long term registry data which could support tasks such as performance-based payment.

Activity Overview 2018-2022

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