iMATCH                                                                                                                 (Innovate Manchester Advanced Therapy Centre Hub)

iMATCH (Innovate Manchester Advanced Therapy Centre Hub) is a Manchester-based consortium focused on scale-up of activity in ATMPs, aiming to improve access to ATMPs for patients, while ensuring their efficient and safe delivery.

iMATCH is made up of The Christie and Manchester University NHS Foundation Trusts, University of Manchester, and nine commercial partners (AgenTus, Aptus Clinical; AstraZeneca (dECMT), Asymptote, Immetacyte, Chaucer Life Sciences, Datatrial, Formedix and Christie Pathology Partnership (CPP)).

Key Objectives

iMATCH (Innovate Manchester Advanced Therapy Centre Hub) is a consortium of 12 commercial, academic and clinical partners established to develop innovative, business driven solutions to this issues that are emerging. Key objectives and innovative approaches are:

  • Scale-up sample acquisition, processing and storage to maximise access of ATMP to patients through integration of sample collection for ATMP within existing infrastructure for clinical diagnostics and genomics and optimisation of extraction of cellular components suitable for scaled-up processing into ATMP
  • Develop electronic sample traceability and tracking systems through novel digital solutions to track samples from patients, through manufacture and back to the patient
  • Develop innovative systems of clinical data capture designed specifically to address complexity of ATMP therapies by leveraging industry experts to develop, secure, user- friendly scalable database for clinical trial data, follow-up and outcomes
  • Scale-up in the clinical setting to meet the needs of delivery within the NHS by working with partners to relieve bottlenecks that are preventing patients accessing ATMP trials through scale-up and working to share best practices and resources
  • Safe delivery of ATMPs through education, communication and dissemination by developing best practice guidance, education and training to ensure we are equipped to address the challenges of scale-up

Manchester is exceptionally well placed to take a leading role in solving for the complex requirements of scale-up of ATMP due to its large population of 3.2M, devolved Health Care System, thriving biotechnology sector and existing frameworks for innovation, adoption and dissemination (through Health Innovation Manchester, HInM). There are established centres of clinical excellence in ATMP trials with active trials portfolios in both adult and paediatric ATMP programmes in multiple disease types including cancer, haemaglobinopathies and metabolic diseases, ensuring that the solutions and best practices developed can be applied in multiple settings.

Activity Overview 2018-2022

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