The CAR T-Cell Therapy Clinical Journey Guide

This Guide is intended for people who are either considering enrolling in or are already enrolled in a CAR T-cell therapy clinical trial. It contains information for both patients and those who care for them (carers). The guide is available as a PDF to download or view online. Its list of contents, along with an overview and links to view the full information for each section, are shown below.

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Within the guide you will find:

  • General information about CAR T-cell therapy clinical trials
  • An explanation of how CAR T-cell therapy works
  • What you can expect during each step of the process
  • Information about side effects
  • Information specifically for carers
  • Guidance on how and where to find support

You will learn from your clinical research team exactly what to expect in the clinical trial you are considering. The information and guidance provided here is not meant to replace that information. It should serve more like a reference for you – a place to start when you have questions to help prepare you for conversations with your healthcare team.

The Guide contains a lot of information and is not meant to be read in one sitting. Words or medical terms that might be unfamiliar to you are shown in italics. You’ll find definitions on the Glossary page of this site as well as in the PDF document. Don’t hesitate to ask a member of your healthcare or clinical research team about anything you don’t understand.

To help you navigate through the Guide, the contents list below acts as a direct link to the relevant pages of the PDF. Clicking these links will open up the full document in a new window, at the page you have selected.

Remember that CAR T-cell therapy is a newer therapy that is quickly changing as new discoveries are made. Always look first to the information and guidance given by your healthcare and clinical research teams for information specific to your clinical trial.

You, your carer, your loved ones, and your clinical research and healthcare teams are all partners on this CAR T-cell therapy journey. You all have the same goal: ensuring that you are well cared for and safe throughout this clinical trial. This Guide is meant to help you learn about the process so that you will know what questions to ask and what to expect.

We are deeply grateful to all patients who have participated in CAR T-cell therapy clinical trials and especially for the guidance of the patients and carers in the CAR T Advisory Council. Without these contributions, this work would not have been possible.

The CAR T-Cell Therapy Process

The diagram below shows an overview of the CAR T-Cell Therapy Process. Each of the steps is further explained throughout the guide.

Expand the contents lists below to view an introduction to each section, as well as an outline of the full information contained in the guide.

Download full PDF
Download full PDF