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the ATTC network

The ATTC network, coordinated by Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult, was founded in 2018 to find innovative solutions to the unique and complex challenges associated with delivery of pioneering advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs).

The ATTC network has demonstrated impact across six core areas through industry led innovative solutions.

  • Commercial growth and attractiveness

    The ATTC network has improved the UK’s global reputation for ATMP supply and adoption, attracting greater inwards investment to grow the UK ATMP pipeline.

  • Engagement and collaboration

    The ATTC network, as the final segment in the supportive UK ecosystem for ATMP, has facilitated diverse collaboration across stakeholder groups.

  • Leader in international standards and best practices

    The network’s focus on standardisation, covering the entire ATMP supply pathway, has cemented the UK’s international reputation and promotion of global best practice.

  • Clinical trials and patient access

    Patient access to ATMPs has increased as a result of ATTC trial support, increasing the attractiveness of the UK for the conduct of clinical trials.

  • Manufacturing, supply chain and logistics

    ATTC network improvements to supply chain and logistics processes have increased patient access to ATMPs and made the UK more attractive to manufacturers.

  • Education and workforce

    The ATTC network has played a huge role in upskilling the UK ATMP workforce and has created multiple educational resources to support UK institutions in ATMP delivery.

These wide ranging impacts have been made possible through £37 million of funding received through the UKRI Medicines Manufacturing Challenge, delivered by Innovate UK, and £8 million investment from industry across the 3 centres.

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Success through collaborations

3 products commercialised through the ATTC network

14 ATMP enabling products
adopted into clinical practice

£74m has been invested in the NHS from commercially sponsored ATMP trials p.a


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