The Advanced Manufacturing Community (AMC) has been set up to share best practice and act as a voice to suppliers, regulators and industry to establish robust cell therapy manufacture. Matthew Lakelin, TrakCel’s VP of Scientific Affairs, presented at the AMC’s 17th Technical meeting in Bristol on the 4th October.

The presentation detailed supply chain consideration for ATMP products, examined the current and future state of ATMP supply and addressed the challenges associated with data management for autologous therapies. Matthew used the opportunity to highlight the ATTC’s objectives regarding supply chain management in the UK to the AMC and describe in detail the work that the ATTC network is undertaking regarding supply chain management for ATMPs.

Matthew said after the event “I am passionate about sharing the work of the ATTC network with the ATMP manufacturing community. I enjoy any opportunity to discuss the proposed work regarding ATMP supply chain management with the Cell and Gene Therapy Industry. The focus of our work is to build systems which are compatible with all ATMP products and manufacturers, forums like the AMC’s are the perfect way to access representatives from the ATMP Industry.”