The inaugural NA-ATTC dissemination event ‘Reflections on Advanced Therapy Delivery in the NHS’ took place in Newcastle upon Tyne on the 21May19. The day explored the ATMP delivery story so far, focusing on the CAR T journey from development through to adoption into the NHS. Key speakers included clinicians, pharmacists, regulatory experts and Advanced Therapy developers who between them shared a wealth of knowledge on the learning points and challenges of delivering this exciting and innovative class of medicines to patients.

The event was a great success, with over 100 delegates in attendance and some excellent presentations, workshops and discussion. Our particular thanks go to the speakers for sharing their time, insight and expertise, as well as our AHSN NENC colleagues who provided outstanding support in organising the event.



Please click on the links below to view presentations:

Professor Andrew Webster- Institutional Readiness for Advanced Therapies

Dr Will Horsley- Commissioning Perspective- Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products

Dr Tobias Menne- Reflection on CAR T-cell Delivery in the NHS

Dr Panos Kefalas- Reimbursement Considerations for ATMPs

Dr Erin Hurst- JACIE Inspection Process

Dr Alan Macdonald- SMC Requirements for Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product Provision

Dean Bradley- Cellular Therapy Operational Considerations NAATTC

Anne Black- ATMPs Governance Aspects Alan Runacus- Building Logistics Platforms

Alan Runacus- Building Logistics Platforms

Steve Williamson- Commissioning for Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products- NHS England Perspective

Dr Suzy O’Neill- CAR T- Safety Considerations

Dr Sheila Waugh- GMSC Considerations