The Northern Alliance ATTC has developed a questionnaire to assess the readiness of hospitals to deliver Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products to patients.

The concept of Institutional Readiness for clinical adoption of Advanced Therapies has arisen from consideration of the challenges of implementing these innovative medicines within hospitals and clinics, and the dynamics that exist in healthcare systems that both hinder and afford their adoption1. Using proposed criteria for assessment of Institution readiness as a basis 1, NA-ATTC held a Workshop, supported by Prof Andrew Webster (Department of Sociology, University of York and co-author of 1) to develop a questionnaire for its clinical delivery sites to assess their Institutional Readiness for Advanced Therapies.

The questionnaire is now being used by all NA-ATTC’s NHS partners to benchmark their Institutional Readiness for Northern Alliance’s exemplar Advanced Therapies  – this will help identify and address any gaps that may impact these hospitals’ ability to deliver such innovative medicines. Once its effectiveness has been tested, the questionnaire will be made available to the wider NHS via the ATTC Network website, as a tool to support system preparedness.

  1. Gardner J, Webster A, Barry J. Anticipating the clinical adoption of regenerative medicine: building institutional readiness in the UK, Regenerative Medicine, 13 (1) (2018)