ChronicleTM, the next generation of the my.Cryochain software by GE Healthcare, was launched on May 15th at the World Advanced Therapies & Regenerative Medicine Congress (Terrapinn). The latest version of the software was developed vby collaboration with the NA-ATTC. ChronicleTM was developed to meet the demands of a constantly changing industry and supports the complete cell therapy workflow. One of the new features includes recording every step of the manufacturing workflow.


The my.Cryochain platform from Asymptote (GE Healthcare) has been continually developed during the NA-ATTC project and collaborating with Northern Alliance’s advanced therapies developers to use their exemplars has been a valuable part of this development.  On May 15th in London at the recent World on Advanced Therapies & Regenerative Medicine Congress , the re-branded software platform was launched as Chronicle, reflecting the increased capability of the software which allows recording of all elements of the manufacturing workflow, from acquisition of the starting material to delivery, to clinical administration post-thaw.