2019-12-09T16:42:04+00:00 9th December 2019|News, Northern Alliance|

Scientific Meeting

Partners from Work Package 1, which focuses on Manufacturing and Preparation, held their second Scientific Data Gathering meeting in Edinburgh where excellent progress was noted against the development of a toolbox to support manufacturers and developers to address common issues and promote best practice in ATMP manufacturing and preparation.

Key components of the toolbox include:

  • A template for flow cytometry, to help address the variability in starting material between manufacturing sites,
  • A template for the use of sporicidal disinfectants, to provide an evidenced response to regulators as to why particular disinfectants are chosen, and
  • A template for freezing and thawing of starting material and final products to avoid discrepancies and non-comparability between manufacturing sites

Presentations were delivered by the Newcastle Cellular Therapies Facility team on these templates and partners agreed next steps, including using the templates in practice.