ThermoElectron along with partners Cryogatt, SNBTS, Cranfield University and the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult are collaborating on a new Innovate UK funded project to develop and demonstrate a full-scale, regulatory compliant, cryogenic Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system which works across the three stages of ATMP manufacture.

RFID technology is a well-established technology platform in high-volume sectors, such as the automotive industry and Fast Moving Consumer Goods, and is used to facilitate tracking and traceability of individual components, sub-systems and final product within and between sites. However, these systems cannot be simply transferred across to the ATMP industry due to the unique challenges associated with ATMP manufacture, including aspects of product viability, shelf life, batch sizes, cryogenic temperatures required for product storage and complex regulations to ensure patient safety.

This ground breaking project will de-risk and overcome a number of critical barriers to enable full and seamless adoption into the ATMP industry and across the complete manufacturing and supply chain; from “vein to vein”. The benefits of the system will include increased productivity, improved traceability with reduced overall costs