Cytiva have announced the launch of the VIA Capsule – an innovative smart, liquid nitrogen-free shipment system designed to improve the shipping of cryopreserved apheresis samples from, and valuable cellular therapies, to clinical sites. The VIA Capsule reduces the complexity, risks and inefficiencies associated with current cryogenic shipping methods to provide a more a controlled, assured and patient focused way of shipping cellular products.


The Midlands-Wales Advanced Therapy Treatment Centre (MW-ATTC) are proud to have supported the development, verification and validation of the VIA Capsule using our established regional network of NHS Trusts and ATMP manufacturers as well as supporting industries. The MW-ATTC are currently producing a comprehensive syllabus for NHS staff and couriers which will include health and safety in cold chain processes.

Please click here to read more about the VIA Capsule System.


Further information:

A product video is available to view on YouTube via the link below:

The product webpage below provides an overview of the product and more detailed information including the data file document: