Anne Black’s Key Role in Pan UK Pharmacy Working Group and the Formulation of ATMP Institutional Readiness Checklists

The Pan UK Pharmacy Working Group for ATMPs has recently published guidance for Chief Pharmacists on Institutional Readiness (IR) for the four classes of advanced therapies; Cell Based Gene Therapy Medicinal Products; Virus Based Gene Therapy Medicinal Products, Somatic Cell Therapy Products and Tissue Engineered Products.

Anne Black, Regional QA Specialist Pharmacist – North East and North Cumbria based at The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, is chair of the Pharmacy Working Group and has facilitated the development of these guidelines.  These valuable resources provide considerations and direction to support the implementation of  ATMPs which are approaching adoption by the NHS.

Links to these Pharmacy-Institutional-Readiness guidelines can be found here: