Introduced by Dr Mark Briggs, Co-Director of the Midlands and Wales Advanced Therapy Treatment Centre, an interactive discussion about a single system for ordering advanced therapies. John Attwood and Steve Perks presented their vision for an NHS-owned system that can interface with multiple Cell Orchestration Platforms (COPs). This will be a single portal for NHS staff that allows the scheduling and procurement of starting materials, logistics, manufacturing and administration within the hospital and across multiple vendors/developers

With attendees from across the industry; therapy developers, cell orchestration platform developers and logistics providers, an excellent discussion was had following the presentation. There was broad support from across the industry for the need to develop such a platform.

The next steps in the platform development are for the MW-ATTC team to work with industry partners to identify key needs from this platform and how they can interact with the system based on accepted industry standards.

For further information and to work with John and Steve, this can be done by emailing the ATTC programme

The slides used for the session can be found here

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