NA-ATTC partners, University of Edinburgh and the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS), have received investment from Syncona Ltd for a new spinout company developing cell therapies to repair organs damaged by disease, including Liver Cirrhosis.

Resolution Therapeutics Ltd

Professors Stuart Forbes (University of Edinburgh), John Campbell (SNBTS) and their research teams have been working for a decade on the role of macrophages in organ repair, including the Macrophage Therapy for Liver Cirrhosis clinical trial (MATCH). The accumulation of this hard work has resulted in a spinout company; Resolution Therapeutics Ltd.

Resolution Therapeutics Ltd, which will be based at Edinburgh BioQuarter, is developing cell treatments to repair organ damage – including end-stage chronic liver disease. Resolution’s first programme is one of the NA-ATTC’s exemplar Advanced Therapies; an engineered macrophage to treat patients with compensated liver cirrhosis.

Engineering macrophage cell therapy

Syncona has been collaborating with Prof Forbes’s team since 2018, developing processes to engineer macrophage cell therapy and the investment enables SNBTS to optimise the manufacturing process and produce engineered macrophages for clinical use.

Prof. Forbes commented, After more than a decade studying the role of macrophages in liver regeneration both in the laboratory and in the clinical setting, the stage is set to develop macrophage cell therapies to treat chronic disease. Our research indicates that a macrophage cell therapy may have a therapeutic effect in liver cirrhosis. We are delighted to be working with Syncona, who have a track record of supporting companies with the ambition and expertise to make a success of their investments and are passionate about making a difference to patients’ lives.”

A short video about the formation of Resolution Therapeutics Ltd can be found here.

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