The pan-UK ATMP Pharmacy Working Group’s Clinical Subgroup held an excellent meeting in London in January. The focus of the group, co-Chaired by Sumantha Gabriel (The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) and Jackie Chappell (King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust) is to act as an expert and informed body on the clinical delivery of ATMPs within the NHS, promote good clinical pharmacy practice, identify and resolve problems, maximise the effectiveness and development of services, and address all clinical pharmacy issues pertaining to ATMPs. The group has an open membership of clinical pharmacists working at NHS organisations across the UK dealing with the implementation of commissioned ATMPs into standard clinical practice. There was excellent engagement and discussion from the group, and great progress was noted against deliverables including Pharmacy Institutional Readiness documents for different types of ATMPs, checklists for ATMP implementation, and clinical information templates for recently commissioned and forthcoming products. A work plan was agreed, and documents produced as a result of this group will be published on the SPS website ( and linked to from this website.