The UK Government has updated and released the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy (Link) which now has a focus on advanced therapies as a key growth area opportunity for the UK. The report notes “The UK has grown the largest cluster of life sciences companies outside of the US, and is the largest advanced therapies community and leading source of innovation and development of ATMPs in Europe.”

Within the report, ares of focus for advanced therapies are:

  • Creation of £500m innovative medicines fund (possibly similar to cancer drugs fund)
  • Advanced therapies seen as key growth sector
  • Increase spending on science from 1.7% GDP (2016) to 2.4% GDP by 2027
  • Advanced access collaborative, which the ATTCs are a partner in features in government plans
  • Focus on advanced therapies manufacturing and growing the skills base in the UK
  • ATTCs featured as the way to increase uptake of ATMPs within the NHS