iMATCH partners Immetacyte and Prof. Richard Edmondson have successfully received grant funding from the Cancer Research UK Manchester Centre Development Fund for further research into ovarian cancer.

Epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) is the sixth most common cancer in women in the UK. Current research suggests this type of tumour is immunogenic, meaning that harnessing the bodies immune system may be a good approach for targetting this type of cancer.  The CRUK Manchester Centre Development Fund has awarded funding to facilitate a comprehensive analysis of clinical samples to further explore the transcriptome and immune-peptidome of ovarian cancer. Translational samples will be obtained through routine surgery and as part of consenting research studies. This collaboration, across both industry and academic partners, is a downstream result of interactions between the IUK funded iMATCH project, the Manchester Immune-oncology network and the Lydia Becker Institute.

The four work streams across the UoM (Hussell Lab, Stoller Biomarker Discovery Centre and Edmondson Lab), Immetacyte Ltd and CRUK MI (TIMML) will use the latest techniques and technologies, including Mass Cytometry, Mass Spectrometry analysis, Single-cell TCR sequencing and Cytokine ELISA assays, to explore this area in more detail, with the potential for further grant applications.