A project supported by the iMATCH consortium has been shortlisted for the NIHR CRN Greater Manchester’s Evening of Excellence 2021 in the category of ‘Innovation Influencers’. The award recognises the achievements made in the delivery of COVID-19 and non-COVID research during March 2020-august 2021 and was organised to celebrate the staff behind the health and care research that has taken place in Greater Manchester during the pandemic. The awards ceremony took place on the 18 November with those shortlisted all equally accredited for their work.

The COntinuous Signs Monitoring In Covid-19 patients (COSMIC 19) was funded by UKRI’s industrial strategy challenge fund (iMATCH award). The programme uses wireless, wearable sensors to continuously collect each patient’s vital signs for up to 20 days, until either placed on a ventilator or discharged from hospital.  Artificial Intelligence technology developed will look at predictive patterns that could alert medical staff to a patient’s deterioration.

Anthony Wilson, who was personally recognised for his work on COSMIC 19 stated: “We were delighted to be nominated for the NIHR innovation influencers award.  The COSMIC-19 research team have worked really hard to bring new technology to the bedside for patients in Manchester.  We are excited to see if we can roll it out for more patients in the future.”