Case Studies

Simplifying cell therapy logistics documentation and data

The Challenge

Cell and gene therapies are expensive and complex treatments to manufacture due to being made of living systems. These treatments need to be accurately monitored to maintain the viability of the product once it reaches the patient. The issue with the data for the logistics of cell and gene therapies is that data collection is recorded by multiple parties; the manufacturer, courier, CRO and clinical site.

The solution

As a part of the Midlands-Wales Advanced Therapy Treatment Centre (MW-ATTC) project, an integrated cell therapy logistics network is being developed and tested to ensure a robust process is in place for the delivery of ATMPs into the clinical setting.

The results

Throughout the process, Cytiva’s Chronicle™ was used to capture data generated at different points, standardising the process and managing documentation

  • ChronicleTM eSOP tool captures delivery process and reads barcodes
  • Dashboard monitors shipper location and condition
  • Integrates with World Courier system to record documentation and events
  • Managing chain of custody and identity

Making further impact

ChronicleTM is being further tested and developed as a part of the MW-ATTC programme. The system is being built to unite manufacturing and logistics data, accurately recording and tracking products from manufacture to thawing at clinical sites to speed up and simplify the running of these complex trials.

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