Case Studies

Future proofing the NHS with a unified ordering system for ATMPs

The Challenge:

Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products are moving at pace from clinical trials into routine clinical care. Due to the logistical complexity, currently each therapy provider is setting up an individual track and trace solution resulting in a multiplicity of ATMPs systems and extra burden for the NHS.

The solution:

The need to drive standardisation and scale up has led the MW-ATTC to create a prototype solution whereby a hospital has the ability via middleware to communicate with a range of ATMP manufacturers and Cell Orchestration Platforms (COP). The hospital users would then only require a single login to access a catalogue of ATMPs on offer to their patients. Clinicians and manufacturers have inputted into the build of this system.

The results:  

The prototype has been user tested vigorously from a hospital personnel perspective as well as a manufacturer’s (& COP).

Wider impact

The prototype is ready to be tech transferred to another organisation who is interested in developing the software further (additional guidance included) and take it to a commercial offering.

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