The CAR T-Cell Therapy Clinical Journey Guide



There are not unacceptable levels of unwanted effects of the treatment.

Side effect

Any unwanted effects of a treatment.


Something that can be seen or measured.

Skeletal survey

A series of X-rays to look for areas of bone that may be damaged.


The person, company, group or organisation that pays for and oversees a clinical trial. The sponsor collects and analyses data from the trial.

Standard-of-Care Treatment

The best (or generally accepted) treatment for a specific disease.

Stress responses

Normal reactions to situations that make us feel frustrated, angry or nervous—like a cancer diagnosis and its treatment.

Supportive Care Services

Services aimed at preventing or treating symptoms of cancer as early as possible. This includes helping with side effects caused by treatment and psychological, social and spiritual problems related to a cancer diagnosis or its treatment.


Something the patient feels or experiences.